Investigating the potential benefits of small hybrid powertrains for non-automotive on-board applications


  • Introduction to small powertrain technology (ICE, EM, Hybrid …)
  • Understanding the benefits and trades-off between different powertrain technologies – combustion driven, hybrid and electric powertrains
  • Research and identification of applications and industries that small hybrid powertrains can be suitable
  • comparing with reference combustion powertrains, by estimating / calculating their fuel consumption potential benefits and
  • comparing with reference electric powertrains, by estimating / calculating their range of operation benefits.
  • Basic packaging study (&/ preliminary design) for the most suitable applications
  • Documentation and creation of a review-ready written work, the Bachelor thesis

Beginn:  ab sofort

Dauer:  ca. 3 Monate

Kontakt:  K-Projekt RC-LowCAP


Dipl.-Ing. Dimitrios Vogiatzis, +43 (316) 873-30258, Bitte Javascript aktivieren!

Dr. Stephan Schmidt, +43 (316) 873-30153, Bitte Javascript aktivieren!