18th Symposium
Sustainable Mobility, Transport and Power Generation
(formerly: The Working Process of the Internal Combustion Engine)

23. - 24. September 2021, Graz, Austria


The demand for mobility, transportation and energy supply is constantly increasing. Various drive concepts based on combustion engines, fuel cells, hybrid and battery-electric systems will be used for this purpose in the future. The main goal and, at the same time, the greatest challenge for their development is environmental compatibility and sustainability. For internal combustion engines, which are used in many cases and in some applications with high energy requirements almost exclusively, the focus is on further reducing pollutant emissions to a „zero impact“ level and achieving extremely ambitious CO2 target values. The essential key technologies for this are to be found in the area of future fuels (e-fuels, etc.), new and further developed engine and exhaust gas aftertreatment concepts, and the electrification of powertrains. An extremely high level of system integration, digitalization and simulation will enable and accompany the path to these new solutions.

During the conference, new approaches and concepts implemented to meet these challenges will be explained and discussed in more than 40 lectures by prominent international experts. The emphasis is on propulsion concepts for passenger cars and trucks as well as large engines, to which a separate parallel session is devoted.

We cordially invite you to participate in a discussion with renowned experts on the state-of-theart of internal combustion engine and fuel cell, their potential as a sustainable propulsion system that will continue to play a central role in a wide range of applications. We are convinced that the event will provide in-depth insight into current research and development results and thus enrich your daily work.


We thank you for your participation!

Helmut Eichlseder und Andreas Wimmer


Combustion Concepts and Fuels

Efficiency Increase and Emission Reduction

Robust Engine Solutions and System Integration

Electrification and Fuel Cells

Digitalization and Simulation

A comprehensive program with the pioneers and visionaries of the global ecosystem for mobility, transport and energy generation focuses on sustainable solutions in these areas. Following a long tradition, this conference is jointly organized with the LEC (Large Engnies Competence Center). A separate parallel section is dedicated to the field of large engines.

The conference is again organized in cooperation with the Large Engines Competence Center, the LEC.