S7 Fürstenfeld Highway - Tunnel Rudersdorf and Speltenbach

Project duration: 2012 - 2014

Location: Styria, Austria

Client: ASFiNAG


Description of project

Based on the results of the GSD-study (concerning the road network of the European Danube area) or rather the transportation plan of Austria (GVP-Ö) with the following functional classification of highest-ranking connection, the S7 Fürstenfeld Highway is planned as a high-ranking connection between the A2 Highway South (in the area of Riegersdorf) and the state border near Heiligenkreuz. The S7 is part of the TEN-Network of the EU.

In the future, the S7 Highway should be integrated into the TEN Network and should fulfill an important function in the supra-national traffic, with the relief of traffic congestions in high loaded main through-roads and as connection between the area of Fürstenfeld and the southern part of Burgenland to the central region Graz.

Due to the interaction of several functions of the B318/B65 (connection of the area of Fürstenfeld and the southern part of Burgenland to the central region of Graz, connection to the transnational traffic and the associated connection of the central regions Budapest and Graz) the sections in the West and East of Fürstenfeld show different load charakteristics. For the section Ilz - Fürstenfeld, the traffic situation as well as the growth dynamic is determined resulting from the traffic of the area of Fürstenfeld. The demographic development, the motorisation and the economic interactions define the further traffic situation. The transnational traffic (border crossing Heiligenkreuz) was grown enormously after the opening of the East, but reached a low level again. Only since 2003 a strong increase in the traffic volume happend again, especially for the heavy traffic.


Basic data of the tunnel:

  • Amount of tubes: 2 tubes per tunnel
  • Traffic routing: unidirectional traffic
  • Ventilation system: longitudinal ventilation