S7 Highway Fürstenfeld - Section West

Project duration: 2004 - 2008

Location: Styria, Austria

Category: Environmental Assessment Study

Client: ASFiNAG


Description of project

In the framework of an environmental impact assessment for the project "S7 Fürstenfeld Highway, section West", which has an overall length of 14.88 km, an investigation concerning the air quality situation was commissioned. The investigation included the existing traffic structures (reference year 2006), the zero alternative (forecast year 2025) as well as the planned highway (forecast year 2025).

The content of this study was the emission calculation of the traffic for the planned section of the S7 highway, while taking into account the predicted emission factors for the year 2025, the traffic composition and the traffic volume. The emission calculation was made for the airborne poluutants CO, HC, NOX, PM10, SO2, CH4, Benzol and CO2.

For the determining the existing air quality situation in the project area or rather for evaluating the simulation results, there were measurements of the government of Styria and Burgenland as well as air quality data of own measurements available. Based on traffic data, local meteorological and air quality measurements the air pollutant load was calculated for the actual state, the zero alternative and the planned highway. Additionally, the air pollutant load of the construction phase was investigated. The projected route in this section consists of two tunnels.


Work load:

  • Pre-project
  • Environmental plan
  • Technical report in the context of an EIA