An experimental investigation of hybrid powertrain for hand held tools with focus on the combustion engine

Experimental work on a parallel hybrid powertrain system with a focus on the combustion engine . The system consists of a small 4 stroke combustion engine and a permanent magnet BLDC motor to drive a handheld tool . The combustion engine should be able to operate in the best operation line strategy for higher efficiency. Four main changes in the combustion engine of the tool will be performed:

  • electronically controlled battery powered ignition,
  • electronically controlled carbuteror systems (M tronic ),
  • throttle less engine operation and
  • emission aftertreatment.

The final results will be compared in terms of overall system efficiency , spesific emissions and cost.



  • System level learning about hybrid powertrains, small powertrains, combustion engines, electric motors, handheld tools
  • Analytic level learning about small engine control, sensoring technology and engine testing and tuning
  • Experimental work and test bench set up on the prototype model
  • Creation of functionalities (empirical &/ mathematical models) and implementation of them in the ECU controller
  • Overall comparison between the different modifications implemented, analysis and explanation of results with the reference baseline engine.


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