Vehicle Energy Consumption Calculation Tool

Since January 2019, in the European Union for each newly produced truck individual figures for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions have to be determined according the method as laid down in Regulation (EU) 2017/2400. The applied approach is based on the measurement of the energy demand and/or the efficiencies of the individual vehicle components and the simulation of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the complete vehicle using the "VECTO" software (Vehicle Energy Consumption Calculation Tool).

VECTO Calculation Approach

The related vehicle-specific CO2 values form the basis for the CO2 standards (Regulation (EU) 2019/1242) that manufacturers will have to comply with in the coming years compared to the 2019 baseline (2025: minus 15%, 2030: minus 30%).

The official EU determination methods for Co2 emissions and energy consumption will also be applicable to buses and trailers from 2024 on. 

The Institute of Thermodynamics and Sustainable Propulsion Systems played a leading role in the development of the test methods, the technical regulations and the simulation tool and currently holds contracts for the further development and maintenance of the methods. Based on this outstanding expertise, we offer VECTO-related consulting at various levels.


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