Air Quality Monitoring - Construction Site Run-of-river Power Station Graz

Project duration: 2017 - ongoing

Location: Graz, Styria/Austria

Pollutants: NO2, PM10

Client: E-Steiermark Green Power GmbH


Description of project

In cooperation with different project partners the Energie Steiermark Green Power GmbH builds a run-of-river power station at the Mur river in Graz between the Murinsel and the southern suburban of Graz (Murfeld). The whole length of the project area is about 6 km.

In accordance to the UVP notice of approval GZ: ABT13-11.10-156/2010-335, chapter Q „Luftreinhaltung, Klima“, point 8, a continuous measurement of the pollutants PM10 and NO2 as well as the meteorological parameters wind speed, wind direction, temperature and relative humidity is necessary during the construction period.

Additionally, alarm levels for PM10 of 300 µg/m³ one-hour mean value and for NO2 of 200 µg/m³ one-hour mean value are defined. In case of overshooting these alarm levels, the measurement data has to be evaluated immediately and the local construction supervision has to be informed.

The measurement of the pollutants PM10 and NO2 take place within the scope of the accreditation. The other components are measured within the framework of the ISO 9001 certification.