Project duration: 2009 - 2012

Location: Vienna, Austria

Category: Air quality inventory 

Client: Environmental Protection Department of Vienna MA22


Description of project

Aim of this study was the development and description of a modelling system for the simulation of air pollutant concentrations in the city of Vienna and its surroundings. Therefore, the model system GRAMM/GRAL, which was developed at the Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics of the TU Graz, was used and adapted.

The modelling domain includes the whole city of Vienna as well as 134 surrounding municipalities of Lower Austria and has a size of 60 x 60 km. The horizontal resolution for the wind field modelling was chosen with 50 x 50 m and for the dispersion modelling within the city of Vienna the horizontal resolution was decreased to 10 x 10 m.

The dispserion calculation are based on emission data from the emission inventories of Vienna and Lower Austria. Overall, 14 different source types were used as input for air pollution modelling.


Work load: 

  • Dispersion calculation of NO2 and PM10 for the city of Vienna
  • Source apportionment studies at different reference points
  • Calculations of future scenarios