S16 Arlberg road tunnel/railway tunnel: Escape routes - Stage of expansion 2 and S16 overall refurbishment of Arlberg road tunnel

Project duration: 2011 - 2013

Location: Vorarlberg, Austria

Client: ASFiNAG


Description of project:

The Arlberg road tunnel was opened at the 1st of December 1978 for traffic usage. The Wolfsgruben tunnel, the Arlberg railway tunnel and the Arlberg road tunnel were connected through 7 cross passages in stage 1 of expansion of the escape and emergency routes in the time period 2004 - 2007. Due to the demands of the Safety Act of road tunnels and the plant status, extensive construction work and upgrading of equipment were requested in stage 2 of expansion. Construction measures included the construction of breakdown bays and of new escape routes. 

Additionally, the existing operation and safety devices were replaced and an upgrading of the tunnel ventilation system was executed. For increasing the safety level in the road tunnel and for covering the constructional fire protection, a high-pressure water mist system was installed across the whole tunnel length.

The scope of work inlcuded the adaption of the existing ventilation system to the requirements of the RVS. Furthermore, the reconstruction of the supply and exhaust air fans of the exhaust air dampers was planned. The ventilation of the escape and emergency routes as well as the fresh air supply of the caverns Albona and Maienwasen, which are necessary for the ventilation and climatization of the e-rooms, were designed. 

The work was done during seasonal lock-ups between the middle of April and the end of October and partly blocks during the night in the rest of the year.


Basic data of the tunnel:

  • Tunnel length: 15.5 km
  • Traffic routing: bi-directional traffic
  • Total vertical transverse flow system of ventilation: incl. injector ventilation and jet fans

Work load:

Planning of ventilation and high-pressure water mist system:

  • Variant analysis
  • Submission planning
  • Detail planning
  • Preparation of announcement
  • Evaluation of offers and proposal of assignment